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Certified Permanent Makeup Training  

Brows & Lips




Ever since I can remember, I wanted to make people feel good. When I started my job in cosmetics 6 years ago- that’s just what I wanted to do. After playing around with makeup and apply it on customers, I started to fall in love with doing their eyebrows. It just made the whole look come together. And it seemed to be the first thing a lot would notice. I tried many years to get into some sort of schooling to do waxing but I seemed to never have the time, being a new mom. My best friend went to Val one day to get her brows microbladed and instantly I knew… that’s what I wanted to do. I finally was able to take her course and I do not regret it at all. Val and Liz made me feel so comfortable and I could tell they truly wanted me to succeed. My end goal is to leave retail and be home more with my daughter, while still having the opportunity to make women feel their best through microblading. This course helped get on that path. 
Thank you Val and Liz!! 

Eyebrow Treatment


When I was 12 years old, I suffered a face trauma that left me with multiple stiches across my eyebrow. My brows were never the same. I was told that I was beautiful regardless, however I wanted to have a full set of brows that matched. Choosing to have my brows microbladed to correct their symmetry was a decision I am so glad I made.

In my experience, many of my clients have issues with their brows thinning and losing their luster. This can be very traumatic.
I too have experienced my eyebrows thinning and the stress of seeing this can have a impact on your identity.

Since enrolling in Val’s Microblading artistry training I have completely falling in love with perfecting the most beautifully looking natural brows. I highly recommend HD Beauty 💕
Look for @Precision Beauty ™️ coming soon.

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