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The following is recommended:

- No Botox or chemical peels within 4 weeks of the procedure - No waxing 3 weeks prior to the procedure

- One week prior to treatment, and until you’re fully healed (8 weeks) clients should refrain from using Retin A products and any strong skin care products on or near the treatment area so to ensure the color lasts.

- 24 hours before the procedure refrain from alcohol and all blood thinners including but not limited to, Ibuprofen Tylenol, Advil.

- 2-3 hours before procedure refrain from caffeine and have something to eat. Keeping blood sugars steady will help you be more comfortable and less sensitive.

AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS - Please follow carefully

It is recommended:

- on the evening after your appointment use a clean, damp piece of paper towel and apply gentle pressure the treatment area for 1 min to expel any built up lymph

- For 24 hours after treatment refrain from working out, tanning, facial treatments, spas and touching or cleaning the treatment area.

- After the 24 hour period your client can begin gently washing the area once a day with a mild cleanser. Do not scrub or use any products with exfoliants, including no sunscreen (in the area) for at least 8 weeks after. Sunscreen is recommended after the 8 weeks.

- Clients must apply antibiotic cream, ie. Polysporin once a day for up to 7 days for brows. (Vaseline or Coconut oil for lip blush clients)

- Throughout the healing process it is important to note that there could be flaking and loss of color, and color changes. This is normal.

- Throughout healing the colour of the treatment area will go through stages that range from dark to light before settling into their intended shade. 

If you have any questions at all about the pre/post care process please email

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